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 Vegan corner –  100% Cow Shed 0% Cow  The Cow Shed Vegan Burger – Two plant-based patties, double vegan bacon, double vegan cheeze, two onion rings.                                                              14 Moving Mountains Burger – 6oz plant-based patty, vegan cheeze and roasted red peppers.                                                                                                  9 Straight-Up hot dog – Plant-based dog, American mustard and ketchup served with crispy onions.                                                                                                6 Cheese dog -  Plant-based dog topped with vegan chilli and vegan cheeze, finished with crispy onions.                                                                                             7.50
We are now open for eat in and take away collection. Call to book or order
The Burgers 

 The Cow Shed  16
 two 6oz 100% beef patties, double streaky bacon, double cheddar cheese, two onion rings 

 Classic 9
6oz patty. All the trimmings 9 
Joe Le Taxi  10 
6oz beef patty, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese. 

Blue Monday  10
 6oz beef patty, smoked bacon, blue cheese. 

El Diablo  11
6oz beef patty, cheese, Boom sauce, jalapenos and a dollop of hot beef chilli.

Foghorn Leghorn  10
House spiced chicken breast coated in tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole. 

Fly My Pretty  11
House spiced chicken breast, smoked bacon, smashed avocado.  

The Lionel  10
 Hallo, is it mi you’re looking for? Grilled halloumi, roasted red peppers.

Tuna Bahoona  9
Grilled tuna steak with fresh salsa. 12 

Naked (Ooh, matron) 9
 6oz beef patty. All the trimmings. No bun. 

Build your own or Add extra toppings
BBQ Pulled Pork - £4
Beef Chilli - £3
Three Bean Chilli - £2.50
Chorizo - £1.50
Smoked Bacon - £1
Mushroom - £1
Jalapeños - £1
Frankfurter - £1.50
Blue Cheese - £1
Brie - £1
Cheddar Cheese - £1
Guacamole - £2
Sour Cream - £1.50
Salsa - £1.50


100 % COW SHED - 0 % COW 
The Vegan Cow Shed - 
2 moving mountains patties - double fakin bacon - double cheeze -2 onion rings - gherkin and salad  14 
Moving Mountain Burger  - 9
1 pattie - cheeze - roasted red peppers  
Straight up Hot Dog  -6
plant based dog - american mustard -ketchup and crispy onions
Chilli Cheeze Dog  7.5
plant based dog - cheeze - vegan chilli 
Loaded Fries  7
skin on fries - vegan chilli & cheeze

Hot Dogs
Served with American mustard, fried onions and chunky chips or skinny fries
Straight Up with fried onions
Chilli Dog with fried onions
Chilli Cheese Dog


8oz Sirloin Steak 
Served with roasted mushrooms, grilled tomato, onion rings & fries

8oz Rump Steak
Served with sauté new potatoes, green beans and salad

Add a sauce for £2  
(Peppercorn, Mushroom, Garlic Butter or Blue Cheese)


All on a bed of mixed leaf, cherry tomatoes, cucumber & red onion
Smoked Salmon & Crayfish 
With lemon and chive mayonnaise

Chicken, Bacon & Avocado

Halloumi, Red Pepper & Mushroom


Available daily between 12.00pm - 6.00pm
All served on white or brown bread
Smoked Salmon & Crayfish - £7
With lemon & chive mayo

Open Steak Sandwich - £8
With cheese, mushroom and sweet chilli

Grilled Mature Cheese and Ham Croque-Monsieur - £7

Smoked Bacon Brie and Red Onion Jam - £6

Fish Finger Sandwich - £6
With Tartare Sauce

Toasted Chicken and Bacon Club with Mayo - £8

Melted Cheddar, Portabello Mushroom and Roasted Red Pepper (V) - £6


Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers (V) - £6 

Breaded Chicken Strips - £7.50
With Sweet Chilli Sauce

Cajun Honey BBQ Chicken Wings with Slaw - £6.50

Halloumi Skewers - £6.50

Halloumi Skewers Wrapped in Bacon - £7.50 
With Sweet Chilli Sauce

Toasted Pitta with Hummus & Crudité - £5 

Deep Fried Whitebait - £6
With tartare sauce & lemon

Pitted Spanish Olives - £3


Skinny Fries - £3
Add cheese or Cajun spice for £1

Chunky Chips - £3.50
Add cheese or Cajun spice for £1

Garlic Bread - £3
Add cheese for £1

Coleslaw - £2

Onion Rings - £3

Mixed Salad Leaf Salad with House Dressing - £3.50


Kid-size portions. All £6 and served with an ice lolly
Mini Mac'n'Cheese

Mini Fish & Chips with Peas

Mini Chicken Goujons with Chips and Peas

Mini Beefburger and Chips

Kids' Ice Cream (Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla)

Kitchen open daily from 12.00 noon – 9pm
(V) - vegetarian
Food Allergies and Intolerances: We cannot guarantee our food is 100% allergen free.
Some of our foods contain allergens. Please speak to a member of staff for more information.
Payment: We accept cash and debit/credit cards.
Gratuities are not included and are at your discretion.

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